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Potato – is an important crop!

01 August 2016 - Pavlodar Region
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Farmers get acquainted with modern technologies of potato cultivation and storage

Training of farmers is held as a part of a cycle of training seminars on priority areas of agriculture, conducted by the Center of Agrarian Competence of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken".

On the basis of the farm LLP firm "Aktogay Agro" - experts trained potato cultivators to the practical application of modern potato cultivation and storage technologies.

LLP Firm "Aktogay-Agro" grows potatoes and grain crops using modern technology of drip irrigation.

It is worth noting that Alexander Tsygutkin the Head of the Laboratory of "White lupin" of the Academy named Temiryazev took part in the seminar, who spoke about the properties of white lupin, which was sown this year for the first time, experimentally, in the fields of LLP "Aktogay Agro". White lupine is superior to other legumes, including soybeans, blue lupine, peas, vetch spring wheat, broad beans by largest crop. At the same time, calculations show that the cost for the cultivation of white lupine per 1 hectare is 1.5 times less than the cultivation of soybeans.

General Director of LLP "Pavlodar Research Institute of Agriculture" Bakyt Irmuratov told the audience about the economic value of potatoes, about modern technologies of potato and sugar beet cultivation. Addressing the potato cultivators Bakyt Rakhimbaevich wished the participants fruitful work and a good harvest.

In turn, the head of department of selection and primary seed production of Pavlodar Agricultural Research Institute Tolegen Kabykenov introduced to farmers the best domestic and foreign varieties of potatoes, which have been approved for use, and are promising for cultivation in the region. The participants learned about the economic efficiency of different potato production and storage technologies as well as the ways of improvement of potato cultivation.

Director of the branch of LLP "Trading House "Decan" Edward Konradi told about sprinkler irrigation applied in crop production.

Within the framework of the workshop was also conducted practical training, during which the participants visited the potato plantations of the company "Aktogay Agro". They familiarized themselves with the technology of production of food and seed potatoes, with the use of drip irrigation systems and fertilizers, as well as methods of plant protection against pests, diseases and weeds. The participants also visited potato storage facilities, familiarized with the machines and tractors used for growing and harvesting potatoes.

Head of the farm "Kayrat", "Ekimbaev", LLP "Ulan Zhemis" praised the seminar, at which, in their words, they have received very useful information on the cultivation of the "second bread".

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