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From the city to the village or the one who does things will achieve success for sure

21 June 2016 - Pavlodar Region
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Within the program "Roadmap of business - 2020" an entrepreneur opened a bakery in the village

"Those who want to be successful - look for opportunities, those who do not want - look for excuses" - this proverb characterizes the best a businesswoman from Pavlodar area Anna Soldatova.

In the difficult period of the 90's, when the enterprises were shutting down and jobs cuts were regular, the family of Soldatova was left without any means to live on. At a family council it was decided to move to the village and start a business there.

"At that time it was very difficult to take a loan, but for some reason they believed me and approved my application. I bought a ruined building in the village center Michurino and opened a shop there", - says the businesswoman.

At first it was hard, but family and friends around supported and helped the businesswoman.

After a while, Anna noticed that there is no bakery in the large village. And bread delivered from the regional center is not always fresh. At that point I got an idea to open a bakery for the villagers. However, I didn’t have money to open it.

The business support and development program "Business Road Map-2020" helped her to fulfill the business idea.

Not everything worked well as she planned, but it is not in the habit of the successful woman to give up. And the first fruits of labor did not take long to wait.  1 ton of bread is baked daily in a rural bakery. In addition to the main product, the bakery produces cookies, cakes, samosas and more. The products are delivered to the orphanages, schools, kindergartens.

As it was stated by the director of the branch of the Chamber of Pavlodar region Anuar Kalyshbekov, currently, the company created 20 jobs, and this is not the limit. "The bakery has good prospects, there is a market. Products are in demand not only in Michurino village, but also in nearby settlements. Pensioners get10% discount", - he said.

At the moment the businesswoman has a lot of ideas and plans for the future.

Anuar Kalyshbekov noted that rural business is developing successfully. For example, only last year regional villagers received about 200 laons to develop their business.

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