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Why is it beneficial to join the co-operatives?

08 February 2016 - Pavlodar Region
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Agricultural producers and representatives of the bank branches discussed the mechanisms of agricultural co-operation

Dialogue platform was suggested by RCE, showed that there are many questions about the future of cooperatives.

As it was noted by the director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Pavlodar region Raykhangul Satabayev the current questions require prompt solutions.

"The beginning of the sowing spring season approaches, which means that the time is limited. It is important to foresee and to resolve everything in advance. The creation of cooperatives is recognized international practice. Amalgamation allows to increase success. At present, there are many unresolved issues. Therefore, it is necessary to create a platform for a dialogue", - explained Satabayev.

The issue of funding is not resolved. Chairman of the republican public association "Union of Farmers of Kazakhstan" of Pavlodar region Yerlan Toktushakov said that the cooperative is ready to work and it unites the best agricultural producers of the region. "The amalgamation of agricultural cooperatives reduces costs up to ten times", - said Toktushakov.

In turn, representatives of banks expressed their willingness to work together. However, they can’t make decisions at the regional level. As the bankers note, all the risks should be taken into account, there should be a guarantee against losses.

Bankers explained that the participants of the agricultural cooperatives, uniting 50 farmers, bear joint liability for each other.

"The cooperation allows to reduce the risks several times  for all participants. There are many examples at the level of the global market. It is much more profitable for banks to work with cooperatives, cause if one of the farmers doesn’t repay the debt, other cooperative members undertake the responsibility", - said the expert.

The participants of the meeting agreed to solve the problematic issues through application to the competent central authorities, stating the interests of all stakeholders.

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