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New training center opened in Ekibastuz

03 August 2017 - Pavlodar Region
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Businesswoman opened the training center "Zhas kanat" upon the completion of the course "Business Advisor"

 Despite the fact that it is summer, and the center was opened not so long ago, the establishment is visited by quite a few small customers who want to acquire new knowledge.

It provides a wide range of educational services: preparation for school, English for children over five years, preparation for UNT, individual developmental activities.

The idea of opening the center came to Rosa Imangaliyeva during the training course "Business Advisor", when in class together with the business coach she studied the most promising types of business.

The business coach of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs Akmaral Sitekulova said that often students of the Business Counselor project have many new ideas in the process of training to develop their business. So the budding businesswoman Rosa Imangalieva, having obtained basic knowledge in the sphere of business, decided to open a scientific center.

With the support of the Ekibastuz branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs, everything planned was successfully implemented. Choosing a suitable room for the placement of the training center, the entrepreneur took a loan for the purchase, made repairs, installed all the necessary equipment and invited the best teachers of the area to work.

"Once I started and everything started to come together. It turns out that the most difficult thing is to take the first steps, and if to work hard, the success will come", - shares her thoughts with Rosa Imangaliyeva.

Akmaral Sitekulova said that the project "Business Adviser" is a short-term training course of existing entrepreneurs and citizens who have shown an entrepreneurial initiative. On the express courses, the trainees are provided with educational materials on the basics of entrepreneurship: standard packages of documents, standard business plans, feasibility studies, marketing research reports by industry, business psychology, and business ideas guides for small businesses.

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