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Questions of support for agricultural enterprises became the topic of substantive discussion on the site of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs. As it turned out villagers have a lot of questions. The deputy director of RCE Serik Abiltaev said that at the beginning of this year the state program for the development of the agro-industrial complex for 2017-2021 was adopted. Moreover, the basis for developing this program was the need to improve state support for agricultural enterprises and processing enterprises. According to Serik Abiltaev, in connection with the adoption of the new program, accordingly, the rules of crediting and subsidizing in all spheres of the agro-industrial complex have changed.

Proceeding from this, it became necessary to gather at the round table agricultural producers, representatives of financial institutions and government bodies that could help farmers understand all innovations. Very useful for farmers was the information provided by the deputy head of the Agriculture Department, Gulnara Arginova, who spoke about the rules for subsidizing breeding livestock, improving the productivity and quality of livestock products, and also told about the rules of subsidizing the reimbursement of part of the costs incurred by the subjects of the agro-industrial complex, upon investments. Maralbek Zhumabaev, representative of the Fund for Financial Support for Agriculture, spoke in detail about such programs as "Bereke" aimed at feeding grounds, "Yrys" - purchase of equipment for milk receiving points, "Yntymak" - purchase of machinery or equipment for service and procurement organizations for meat , dairy and horticultural products. During the discussion of the programs, the villagers voiced the question faced in practice: how many participants should the cooperative enter and what are the conditions for receiving subsidies? It turned out that according to the rules, the agricultural cooperative should consist of at least three participants. But subsidies are allocated only if there are at least 20 people participating in the SEC. Farmers were also interested in the terms of entering into credit partnerships, the taxation regime for SECs, and the terms of financing. During the discussion on all issues of interest, the villagers received exhaustive answers.


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