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Assistance and state support for farmers

24 March 2017 - Pavlodar Region
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With the assistance of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Aktogai farmers purchased agricultural equipment. Perhaps every agricultural producer agrees that sooner or later there is a need to use measures of state support. So the heads of the peasant farm "Ramadan" and the farm "Kerey" from Aktogay district decided to purchase mechanical assistants for their farmsteads.

"At first, I tried to buy the necessary equipment on my own, but it was not so easy", - says Kayrat Ramazanov, head of the peasant farm and the farmers do not have time to collect all necessary documentation", - he continues. Another farmer, Nurbolat Kusainov, faced a similar problem. To help them came the regional branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs. Here the villagers consulted on the current programs to support agricultural producers. After that, the specialists selected the most profitable program for the purchase of equipment, namely the program "Sary Arka" at 8.5% for a total of 5.3 million KZT to each farmer. The employees of the branch took full responsibility for the implementation of these projects. Assistance in collecting the necessary documents was provided, and a direct link with the financial institution was established. After obtaining a positive result from the second-tier bank, the documents were submitted to the RCS of the region, where approval of these projects was obtained. Thanks to the Chamber's support, the heads of the Ramazan and the Kerey farms have purchased the MTZ-80 tractor. "Our farm is young, it was created in 2015, we are engaged in animal husbandry and of course, new technology came handy. Invaluable assistance was rendered to us in the Aktogay branch of the Chamber, the consultants of which took all the trouble to collect and execute the documents, because you can’t leave the economy for a long time. And feeling such support, there is an additional incentive to expand its production", - said the head of the farm "Kerey" Nurbolat Kusainov.


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