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17 February 2017 - Pavlodar Region
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Businessmen were told about the conditions of state programs

Who can benefit from state support measures, how to build a business, where to learn the basics of the business – it is only part of the issues that consultants of RCE have tried to uncover.

The campaign "One day of reception of citizens on issues of government support under the program "Business Road Map - 2020" was held in Pavlodar. The purpose of this action – is an explanation to citizens, representatives of small and medium business of conditions and mechanisms for the implementation of the state program.
As the consultants of the Center for Servicing of entrepreneurs note, recently more and more people tend to develop their own business in a particular area. And, perhaps, no one will argue with the fact that business activities, in addition to financial stability, provides an excellent opportunity for self-realization.

For example, Karlygash Asainova plans to participate in the program of grant funding with the project for the opening of rehabilitation and recreation center for children with disabilities. Sales Manager of the CSE Vera Klimova told that within the "Business School" any aspiring entrepreneur can take a short-term training on the basics of doing business under the project "Business Advisor". Within the training will be provided training materials on the basics of entrepreneurship, the standard package of documents, including business plans, sample documents to receive funding, the results of market research, international experience in the field of innovation, as well as guides on the ideas of creating small businesses.

Another question came from Yerzhan Akhazhanov, who asked about the services provided at the CSE, and to explain the conditions of the state program "Productive employment". Consultant Olga Pogrebnyak gave details of the program conditions "RMB-2020", highlighted the interest rate subsidies and guarantee for collateral.

By the way, it is worth noting that district branches of the Chamber also joined the Republican campaign. Director of Kachiry branch Musagit Omarov said that the villagers have taken a very active part, the meeting was held in the form of a dialogue, where they were informed about the conditions and mechanisms for implementation of the state program "RMB-2020", and considered possible solutions to problems arising in the course of implementation of this program.

Kachiry farmers raised urgent questions about irrigation, another entrepreneur plans to build a plant for the production of semi-finished products, on this basis, he was interested in government support measures, which he can use.
As it was noted by managers consultants of RCE, the event proved to be very beneficial for the population, in which satisfactory answers to the questions were received by aspiring entrepreneurs and acting businessmen.


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