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New Year's holidays - is not an excuse to raise prices for socially important products

This was discussed during the business forum, which was held at the Regional Chamber of entrepreneurs. The event was organized jointly with the Department of entrepreneurship of Pavlodar.

The meeting was attended by heads of social stores, markets, major retailers, producers, representatives of state bodies.

The officials highlighted the main problem the lack of relationship between social shops and operators, who supply goods directly from the manufacturers.

"Currently, there are 39 social shops in the region. We have analyzed the market in the region and found that retail sellers do not always know about the wholesale suppliers, whose cooperation would be beneficial for both retail sellers and customers. Our task – is to facilitate the sales of supplies directly from the manufacturer to the retail network. It contributes to maintaining affordable prices for socially vulnerable layers of the population, especially on the eve of New Year holidays", - stressed the head of the city department of business Ruslan Tleulesov.

According to him the heads of social stores are inactive.

"In the region there are large wholesalers that are willing to deliver the goods at competitive prices. They complain that receive very few orders. While working with them is much more profitable", - said Tleulesov.

In turn, representatives of social shops complained about the weight and quality of the goods. In their view, not all operators from the manufacturers offer "good" goods. For this reason the product is not sold and remains on the shelves. Representatives of the competent bodies have promised to consider this point.

The positive news is that there will be adopted measures to encourage social shopping, for example, through the organization of competitions for the best shop to provide advertising support.

In general, according to the participants, this platform for dialogue was necessary and should be a constant.

"Our goal – is to work out the pricing policy, to establish the relationship between retailers and wholesalers. We call on business to be socially responsible and we are ready to assist fully. However, we need feedback. And today's meeting identified further areas where we will work in the coming period", - summed up the meeting organizers. By the results of the forum, heads of social shops exchanged contacts with wholesalers and they are planning to carry out supplies in a few days ago. The next time they agreed to meet at the beginning of the coming year with even more participants.


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