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14 October 2016 - Pavlodar Region
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Students of the School of young entrepreneurs of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs School dedicated the slogan to the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan

And not even one. And, of course, the original slogans of future entrepreneurs were related to business.

"Kazakhstan – is an ocean, entrepreneurs are fish here, swim wherever you want, all the ways are open!"

There were some options: "Independent Kazakhstan, flourishes here and there!"; "In independent Kazakhstan business – is a free bird!"; "Kazakhstan without borders, an entrepreneur – is the king of the birds!".

Students showed their creativity and innovativeness also during the period of study at the School of young entrepreneurs.

"Today young people want to engage in business. Our task at the School of the young entrepreneurs – is to set the right strategy for the realization of their projects. And young people have lots of them, and all of them are innovative. That is, they do not want to create something that has already been created before them, their desire - to discover new kinds of production", - says business coach of the school Kuanish Dosmagulov.

Among the innovative projects there are ones in the field of IT-technologies.

"We were a group of guys, and we came up with a project under the working title "Movement ". The essence of the project is that the battery is attached to the sole of the shoe, and when walking people produce electricity and the batteries are charged. Thus, it is possible to charge different gadgets. There are no analogues in Kazakhstan", - shared the college student of Kazpotrebsoyuz Adilzhan Khamzatuly.

The guys also thought on the implementation of "Brouter" another project. The essence is following: they suggest to create a special media router, which is designed to collect unused WIFI-traffic.

"Many people have unused megabytes that, by sending them to the router, the user can share it with other users at an affordable price. Then, when the user will need this traffic, he can easily take it again from this drive. That is, the router serves as a "bank of megabytes storage", from which can benefit everyone, and the price is lower than that of the main provider. Thus, there is benefit for all ", - noted developers.

Now the guys have a number of issues in technical terms, they plan to solve them with the help of competent professionals.

"As a result of the training, we see that the students have huge potential. They want to create. They have "ideas". And, it should be noted that the sphere of IT-technologies is in priority. Therefore, we, as the Chamber of entrepreneurs are thinking about creating "Silicon Valley" on the basis of any educational institution, where developers of different projects will be able to develop their ideas and implement IT-projects. This initiative will be implementation of the President's instructions regarding the development and implementation of innovative technologies", - stressed the business coach.

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