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Dual education will be introduced in Kachiry

16 September 2016 - Pavlodar Region
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Local College cooperates with farms, where students undergo internship

The introduction of vocational education, which is characterized by developed institutions of mentorship, practice focused learning and active participation in business training - this task sets Kachiry agro-technical college.

According to the director of college Saule Sadvakasova, for a farm trade to be in demand, it is necessary to motivate students with the help of the dual education system.

It should be noted that the theoretical part of the dual training takes place on the basis of an educational organization, and practical - at the workplace. Of great importance is the fact that the role of the employer is enhanced.

"Our school prepares farming specialists. 115 students study at the college – these are future tractor drivers, cooks, accountants. The dual training allows you to combine theory and practice in the learning process. Along with the basics of science our children learn the chosen profession directly at the production facility", - says Saule Rashidovna.

The theory covers only part of the learning time of students, the main burden falls on the practical work at the enterprises of the partner. For example, Alexander Kachkaev majors in "Tractor-driving". According to the students, the dual training is a huge plus - experience, which is so necessary for future employment. The farm "Wilhelm" trusted him to work with a new harvester. As a result he was able to apply this knowledge in practice.

The most important component here is that experienced farmers act as mentors. Vladimir Pisegov shared that during practice at the fields of Verny rural district under the leadership of experienced colleagues, he could support the theoretical knowledge with the practical skills. Material stimulation is also important for students. Head of the farm Ivan Pisegov appointed a monthly scholarship in the amount of 30 000 tenge.

Director of the branch of the Chamber of Kachiry district Musagit Omarov noted that every agricultural enterprise in the district needs qualified personnel. This question is especially relevant at a time when the introduction of new technologies - is the key to business success.

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