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The Business Ombudsman has helped the entrepreneur to solve long-standing problem

07 September 2016 - Pavlodar Region
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LLP of Pavlodar could not get from the Municipal Utility Service the debt in the amount of 1.8 million tenge for several years

LLP "LesStroyPromKZ" exists on the market of building materials for more than 5 years. In 2013, the association faced with the problem of relations with the quasi-public sector. For several years, the firm could not receive payment from MUS "Ertis-Beynesі" for installation and repair of fences in urban areas. As it stated by the director of the company Arlen Smagulov, works were carried out in full and on time, which is proved by the act of completed works. But later arose problems with the calculations on the contract.

Head of the department for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs and reduction of administrative barriers of RCE Lachine Baimagambetova noted that there is a government decree on execution of court decisions by state bodies. "The legislator clearly defines the order of execution of the court decisions by state bodies. Unfortunately, in practice there are instances when state institutions do not execute court decisions for a long time. In fact, when face with such a problem, entrepreneurs have to "fight" for their money", - said the Lachine Baimagambetova.

It is worth noting that the resolution of these situations, hindering the development of entrepreneurship, is one of the main activities of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs and the newly established institute of the Business Ombudsman.

During his visit to Pavlodar region Bolat Palymbetov held a personal reception of businessmen, during which Arlene Smagulov shared his problem.

According to the businessman, after appealing to the Ombudsman, he observed positive developments. He started to receive payments. "Actually, I have addressed for help to the Chamber of entrepreneurs before. It is an organization that is really the guardian of the interests of business", - says Arlen Smagulov. In addition, another good tool is an innovation introduced in the framework of the humanization of the law "On Entrepreneurship", which will allow Kazakhstan to protect the business against illegal encroachments on the part of state bodies and strengthen confidence in the executive power.

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