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22 August 2016 - Pavlodar Region
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Pavlodar businessmen told about their problems to deputy akim Nikolai Dychko, who took part in the meeting, which was held at the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs

For example, according to the representative of LLP "Manas-PV", the company has no possibility to reconstruct the multi-storey residential complex with administrative and household and commercial premises in view of the fact that "Pavlodar heat networks" ignore the requests of LLP to turn off the heat pipeline of heat distributor number 13, despite the repeated requests.

The problem was resolved in the course of the meeting with the deputy akim of the region.

IE "Amreshov" raised the question about the project of detailed planning of the neighborhood "Sary Arka". Earlier, the businessman addressed this issue to the Business Ombudsman, and expressed concern about the construction of a residential building not far from the location of his business object. As it was reported by the representative of akimat, in order to avoid infringement of the rights of a businessman, the relevant adjustments will be introduced to the plan for the construction of residential houses.

Nikolai Dychko said that business rights must not be infringed under any circumstances. He pointed to a timely appeal of the entrepreneur, which allowed to make changes at the design stage.

LLP "KRZ-PV" was suggested to apply a quota mechanism, which requested assistance in the allocation of residual oil M-100 to ensure smooth production of roofing materials.

Summarizing the results of the meeting, the deputy akim of the region Nikolai Dychko noted that such meetings - is a good practice of communication of business and government at the round table at the site of the regional chamber. In the course of constructive dialogue with businessmen, where the local executive bodies, were present, they managed to solve promptly many of the issues and challenges that entrepreneurs can’t solve alone.

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