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I will complain.....

04 August 2016 - Pavlodar Region
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Every business needs support, guidance and practical advice to overcome the "pitfalls" at an early stage

A budding businessman from Ekibastuz fully realized the relevance of this statement. He addressed to the branch of the Chamber of entrepreneurs with a business idea to sell beef, poultry meat and related products through a specialized, equipped, mobile pavilion. The essence of his idea is that citizens will be able always to buy fresh, high-quality meat products in the next door shop.

Selecting an approximate location, the entrepreneur has faced a number of challenges associated with obtaining approvals from local executive authorities and municipal enterprises.

Without going into details, it is worth noting that as a result of support the experts of the Chamber helped the entrepreneur to obtain all the relevant approvals and now the pavilion operates in a busy area of ​​the city, making citizens very happy.

But why is this object remarkable? After all, such situations are common and widespread. Interesting things start later ... Some time after the opening so-called "auditors" came to the young entrepreneur and demanded to present documents, authorizing the installation of the pavilion in this location. Worried businessman immediately called the Chamber and explained the situation, asking the reasonable question about the appropriateness of their claims. Experts explained to him that the "inspectors" must first introduce themselves and explain why they need documents. And only after that their claims will become clear. And here is the "trick"! After they were asked to introduce themselves and to justify the purpose of the visit, "the auditors" got confused and retreated, threatening to appeal to the Chamber of entrepreneurs. Honestly, it was the best compliment for the experts of the Chamber.

According to the entrepreneur, the so called auditors were retailers of meat products from the nearby commercial market, who spotted a new competitor with "interesting" prices and good products.

It is worth noting that a healthy competition does not allow businessmen to relax, and this often contributes to business development.

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