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A resident of Aktogay district Zhanar Rapikova embodied in the reality her childhood dream – she opened a farm for breeding of horses

"The horse, of course, is the animal that deserves respect and recognition. They are very wise creatures, communication with them has an amazing effect on the nervous system and the human body, an hour of horse riding relieves stress better than any sedative. And, although I am a teacher by education, as a child in front of a set target, I explored many guidelines for the breeding of horses ", - the girl says about her passion.

Turning the dream into reality has helped the state. In 2015 Zhanar read an advertisement in the local newspaper that branch of the Chamber of entrepreneurs provides assistance with state programs of business support in the rural areas. Here the new horse breeder underwent training "Business Advisor".

Experts of the Chamber of, in turn, escorted the project, helped to apply for participation in the program "Roadmap of employment - 2020", prepared a program for participation in the tender for the allocation of land, developed a business plan for the amount of 3 million tenge.

Horse can rightly be called a national symbol of Kazakhstan. It has always been considered not only a means of transportation, but also a friend and a partner, even a person. According to Zhanar, not everyone is able to care for horses. "From old time the horse - is the best friend of a Kazakh nomad, which gave him everything - food, clothing, entertainment, the ability to hunt and to fight. There are a lot of difficulties in horse breeding. The most important thing - you need to understand and to love them. My parents told me about the secrets of grooming the horses", - says the rural girl.

The family fully supports implementation of the business project of the businesswoman. Now she is buying mares and she plans to start production of kumys in the future.

"With the support of the branch I carried out a dream and implemented a business project. The Chamber of Entrepreneurs is a great assistant, which assists not only the current but also budding entrepreneurs", - said Zhanar Rapikova.

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