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The time for business has come

A new opportunity to open own business

27 February 2017 - Pavlodar Region

How to open your own business? Where to get the basic knowledge? What to engage in? -these and other issues will be considered at the training courses “Bastau Business”

Speaking about the conditions of the training project "Bastau Business", the head of a non-financial support to entrepreneurs of Pavlodar region Anel Zhampeisova quoted the famous phrase: "You do not need to wait for the door to open for, it is better to do it yourself, it will show the main goal of the project - to reveal the entrepreneurial potential of the citizens".

According to Anel Zhampeisova, the Regional Chamber started accepting applications for those wishing to learn on this project, which as of 1st of April will be launched in the five districts of the region: Bayanaul, Irtysh, Kachiry, Pavlodar, Shcherbakty. Unemployed people, as well as self-employed with the business potential can participate in the training within the project.

During the month the experienced business coaches will teach entrepreneurial skills, including, the principles of formation of agricultural cooperatives, they will talk about the non-financial support measures, taxation regimes, the current legislation, they will provide ideas for business. The learning process will include mandatory individual counseling as well as training to public speaking skills in order to present their projects for funding in a successful way. Free training is good help for the villagers, in addition, program participants are provided with a one-time scholarship.

It's no secret that today many villagers see in business a way to improve their financial well-being. "Our main task as much as possible is to help the people with entrepreneurial initiative to reach their potential. After all, among the main priorities of the Address is a dramatic improvement and expansion of the business environment. To this end, within the programs of productive employment and large scale entrepreneurship development, the Chamber of entrepreneurs launched a project “Bastau Business". The purpose of which is to teach entrepreneurial skills and to improve the economic activity of the villagers", - summarized Anel Zhampeisova.


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