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African ostriches and black chickens appeared in the courtyard of the Pavlodar businessman

18 August 2017 - Pavlodar Region
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In the Michurinsky rural district of the Pavlodar region on the territory of one of the farmsteads appeared strange inhabitants for our region - African ostriches and black chickens

Young entrepreneur Andrei Savchenko decided to open a contact zoo on the territory of Pavlodar district.

Andrey brought the poultry from the neighboring city of Omsk of the Russian Federation, the climatic conditions of our regions are similar. Seeing the guests on their territory, two-meter birds, which, according to Wikipedia, reach a weight of 150 kilograms, run to greet them. According to the entrepreneur, ostriches do not peck much, but still advised not to enter the aviary.

"Poultry are adults, their age is 4-5 years. It is noteworthy that these birds are very timid, any unfamiliar sound can scare them, confuse them. Another thing is that they live up to 80 years", - the entrepreneur shares his impressions. "If they plant eggs, I will put them in the incubator. Of course, we do not have enough experience, but I think everything will be fine. We do not know yet how the bird will endure the winter. In general, it is easy to take care of large non-flying birds - it's unpretentious. They eat a little and equally like croup and grass", - says Andrei Savchenko.

But that's not all ... Also, Andrei Savchenko breeds on his homestead territory unusual black hens that carry colored eggs, and pigs mixed with Hungarian mangalese.

Director of the branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Pavlodar region Anuar Kalyshbekov noted that currently the branch of the Chamber together with local executive bodies decides on the allocation of land along the route Pavlodar-Omsk for the expansion of the farm.

Anuar Kalyshbekov said that the entrepreneur plans to increase the species of animals and birds. The contact zoo is located near the city of Pavlodar and the expansion of its inhabitants will increase the flow of those who wish to visit this zoo.

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