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Businessmen of Pavlodar develop cooperation with frontier regions

- Pavlodar Region
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Business delegations of the Altai Region and Pavlodar region presented their economic opportunities on the site of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs. About 20 representatives of the business community of the neighboring region headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Altai region Andrei Shchukin arrived in Pavlodar. Representatives of small, medium and large businesses arrived within the Altai delegation, who exercise their activities in various spheres of the economy. Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs Serik Baiseitov said that cooperation between the border regions has a long tradition. For example, the trade with Russia in 2016 amounted to 1.2 billion dollars. On the major part, exports to the neighboring state include such branches as fuel and energy, metallurgy, and chemical. The main commodity positions in these industries are alumina, aluminum, coal, finished products of the metallurgical and chemical industries: pipes, polypropylene, chlorine, hydrochloric acid. Serik Baiseitov also noted that the region is an industrial region in which the enterprises of the metallurgical, petrochemical, chemical and fuel and energy complex operate. In addition, the enterprises of agriculture, processing and food industries are actively developing here. In turn, Andrei Shchukin said that it is necessary to develop mutually beneficial cooperation. "We are interested in mutually beneficial exchange of goods. Each region has its own specifics. For example, our region is agrarian and we are focusing on the production of agricultural products and its final processing, actively developing pharmaceutics and biotechnology, and breeding horse breeding. You are interested in such areas as industry, petrochemistry", - said Andrei Shchukin. In the course of В2В, intentions were reached on the supply of garments, interest in the food and processing industry was shown.

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