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Is it easy to be a business lady?

17 March 2017 - Pavlodar Region
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A businesswoman from Aksu shared the secrets of the successful business
"And you can’t tell by the look" - this is the first thought that comes upon acquaintance with Elena Bayandinova. The businesswoman successfully manages the sewing salon and shop for sixteen years, her company designs famous roll curtains, iron frames for roll curtains.

Business-ladies of the Aksu district prove their worthiness, entrepreneurial activity and success. Elena Bayandinova, member of the Council of Businesswomen of RCE, believes that the main secret of the success of any businessman is a team. She managed to find and unite a team of like-minded people, who, like her, are doing everything for the success of the company. Vendors, designers, seamstresses, cutters - the businesswoman speaks of them exclusively as top-level specialists who like to bring joy and comfort to the house.

Of course, without qualified and timely support, the enterprise could not be so successful. In 2015, the entrepreneur decided to use the support of the state program "RMB-2020" and expand its production by opening a shop for the production of roll curtains. Here, certain difficulties began to arise. The entrepreneur addressed for assistance to Aksu branch of the Chamber. According to Elena Bayandinova, the Chamber is an organization that really helps businessmen at every stage, step by step leads, advises and aims at the final result. Thanks to this support, the entrepreneur has received the necessary funding to expand her business.

Now the salon for sewing curtains by Elena Bayandinova stands firmly on its feet, there is an extensive range of products that can satisfy the most refined taste. The certificate of the domestic manufacturer gives an opportunity to participate in public procurement, which of course, is another good help.
Moreover, as the director of the Aksu branch of the Chamber Glyuza Alpysbaeva told, the businesswoman is a participant of the  project "Business Communications", - she successfully passed the first stage and is now preparing for a trip to Germany within the framework of the second stage of this program. The entrepreneur plans to expand the sales markets. The Chamber, in turn, is always ready to respond and to assist the businesswoman.

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