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Incorrect requirements of fire safety rules

09 March 2017 - Pavlodar Region
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Joint actions with the Emergency Department
A round table was held here, during which representatives of the Department of Emergency Situations of the region and entrepreneurs discussed the existing problems.

As it was noted by the employees of the emergency services, work is currently underway to review the existing regulatory and legal acts on fire safety and civil defense control, as well as to introduce changes and additions to their evidence base. These are technical regulations, standards, building codes and rules.

Revision of existing rules and regulations will significantly improve the conditions for conducting business. For example, entrepreneurs often complain on duplication of many monitoring functions, moreover, the cases, when prescribed actions are not at all feasible, are quite common.
RCE notes that the business criticizes a lot timing of the implementation of the orders, when the deadlines for fixing the comments are given, it is impossible to keep within them. "How to deal with such unacceptable deadlines?" - entrepreneurs ask a reasonable question, because all this is connected with additional financial investments, which are not provided for in the budget of the organization for the current year.

Representatives of the business community gave another example of incorrect requirements of fire safety rules, which do not fit into the requirements of another normative document. So, according to the rules of fire safety, a ban on the installation of gratings on windows, with the exception of warehouses, cash registers, weapons rooms, secret parts, but at the same time, according to the requirements for anti-terrorist measures it  requires the installation of gratings on the windows of categorized objects.
And this is only a small part of the problematic issues that businessmen face in the course of carrying out entrepreneurial activities. Representatives of the Emergency Situations Department of the Pavlodar region in turn assured the entrepreneurs that all the issues raised will be considered, and those of them, for which there will be a concrete justification for the necessity of making changes, will be transferred to the authorized bodies.


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