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Purchasing by the new rules

01 March 2017 - Pavlodar Region
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The participants of the Club of Accountants were told about the changes in the rules of public procurement
These issues were discussed at the regular meeting of the Club of Accountants of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Pavlodar region.

According to head of the unit of non-financial support to entrepreneurs Anel Zhampeisova, the Club of Accountants – is a new form of interaction of the Regional Chamber with the business community, which helps the joint solution of problems of its participants.

For example, many questions arose in connection with the introduction of changes to the rules of the public procurement. Chief specialist of the Department of state internal audit of Pavlodar region Zhanar Sagynbaeva told about the main innovations of the changes. "First of all, it concerns the registration of acts of delivery of goods, works and services, which should be implemented exclusively in electronic format through the web portal. It is also necessary to issue invoices exclusively in an electronic format through the information system of electronic invoices. It is compulsory to provide a report on share of local content in procurement to a supplier, drawn up in electronic form through the Web portal".

As it was noted by Zhanar Sagynbaeva the introduced changes will significantly simplify the work of both suppliers and customers, besides the time for payment of contractual obligations is reduced. Innovations affected the provisions concerning conformity of the supplier to qualification requirements, the order of assignment of conditional discounts, consideration of applications for participation in the contest by the competitive commission, the order of return of collateral by the customer to the supplier for contract enforcement, regulation of supplier documents in the implementation of the delivery of the goods.


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