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The training seminars within the component "Business Communication" helped Pavlodar entrepreneurs to obtain a solid knowledge base to improve the efficiency of business

 According to the business-woman Meruert Abdykalyk during training changes the course of many things. For example, people begin to understand better the value of human capital.

"After passing the first stage of training under the program "Business Communication", I learned a lot of interesting things. First of all, I improved my collaboration with my staff, cohesion of the team has increased, you learn to identify the ability of each and to use them to their maximum potential", - says Meruert Kairbekovna about the innovations that she started to apply on the basis of the internship.

Speaking about the importance of such training business-woman said that they are very informative, accessible and useful. Despite the solid experience of business, Meruert Abdykalykov shared that she received a very positive attitude and lots of ideas for further development of her business. She told the businessmen who still think about whether to participate in such events the famous phrase, "Who owns the information, owns the world".

Another entrepreneur Karshyga Kaniyev shares the same opinion. He noted that modern businessman must constantly improve their skills and to keep up with the time. And there are very good programs implemented by the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs. "I want to thank the Chamber of Entrepreneurs for the assistance provided to businessmen not only at the initial stage of business formation, but in the course of further work. For example, before I underwent training under the program "Business Advisor", "Business Growth", I have recently passed training within the component "Business Communication". And the use of special training for business is beyond doubt", - concluded Karshyga Kaniyev.


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