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How to become a businessman: where to start from?

28 September 2016 - Pavlodar Region
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Villagers of Shcherbakty district learn the basics of business

The realities of modern economics dictate their conditions, and one of them is that today, an entrepreneur must have a broad spectrum of knowledge in various fields. Nowadays more and more people wish to have financial literacy and acquire basic knowledge in the field of business, learn how to construct the business environment and what "ingredients" determine the success of a company.

Villagers of Shcherbakty district try to keep up with the trends of the time. Within the frames of the state program "Employment Roadmap-2020" for five days they studied the basics of running a business.

Trainer and consultant Anna Plotnikova trained future business businessmen to financial planning, basics of marketing and sales, in addition, information on the compilation of a feasibility study for the project very useful for the students, as well as staff and company management methods.

The importance of training the villagers underlines the fact that Scherbakty residents are interested in all the details of business, for example, issues of profitability, payback period, the types of costs during the period of business formation, tax payments, and, moreover, how to calculate the cost of future products, to which were given exhaustive answers by qualified trainers and consultants.

According to the director of the branch of the Chamber of Shcherbakty district Amir Baisov, the obtained knowledge about business fundamentals are very useful and will contribute to the disclosure of the entrepreneurial potential of the villagers.

Aspiring businesswoman Oksana Pavlenko noted undoubted benefit and the need for these training activities, especially at the initial stage of establishing own business. By the way, it is worth noting that after making all the necessary calculations and a business plan, Oksana decided to breed cattle, to ensure that the population of the nearby village Alekseyevka and other villages of Shcherbakty district get good supply of milk and meat.

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