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08 September 2016 - Pavlodar Region
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A businessman from Pavlodar has set himself the task to create a unique building material

Practice shows that often the motivation for the creation and development of business is not only a profit. This is even more typical of young people, who are motivated by the very desire to succeed. A striking example is the director of LLP "Tenge K" Karshyga Kaniyev. His company is engaged in manufacture of composite building blocks from polystyrene with the finishing front part made of the heavy concrete. Create a building material that combines the best features of durability, waterproofing and environmental friendliness is an ambitious goal, which was set by a young entrepreneur from Pavlodar. It is worth noting that this is a relatively new product on the construction market in the region, which includes technology to connect light and heavy concrete.

Working in the construction business for more than five years, Karshyga Kaniyev not in words but in deeds found out what is really lacking in the construction market in the region, taking into account climatic conditions. However, as is often the case, the budding entrepreneur had no money to implement his business idea. His acquaintances prompted him to contact the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of RK "Atameken".

Talking about his studies within the program "Business Advisor", a young entrepreneur tells about interesting and useful trainings, during which each student learned something new. "Thanks to the Chamber of entrepreneurs, they help, teach, suggest, accompany us at every stage of business development. Here I appeal regarding all issues that trouble us", - said the businessman.

After getting grant under the program "Business Road Map 2020", an aspiring businessman has purchased the necessary equipment, and launched its production. Now the entrepreneur plans to expand the market and to increase the product range.

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