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31 August 2016 - Pavlodar Region
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Pavlodar farm straightens its business with the help of NCE RK "Atameken"

The main tasks set by the head of a young peasant economy "Niva" Dauren Bakishev - is to get good results in the crop sector, the introduction of new technologies in the process of growing crops, as well as an increase of acreage. But it is difficult to achieve such goals alone, especially in today's difficult economic situation, so the entrepreneur took a step toward cooperation. "Our farm has become part of the agricultural cooperative "Ertis Agro", we immediately felt the real support. One of the most painful issues – funding has been resolved. The area of ​​the land is 3 thousand hectares. We grow crops, climatic conditions are favorable for the cultivation of spring wheat, oats, barley and other crops", - shared the head of the agricultural cooperative.

Bakishev addressed for an advice to a branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs in Irtysh district. The experts of RCE helped him with restoration of accounting, as well as explained the current state of the program of support for agriculture, in particular the arrangements for obtaining grants. Now the experts of the Chamber help the entrepreneur to collect the necessary documents to subsidize the purchase of new agricultural machinery.

The history of the farm "Niva" starts from 1996, when he had sown an area of ​​1300 hectares, working with outdated technology. Today, the company stands firm on its feet and is looking with confidence to the future. In order to improve labor productivity, the farm acquired in leasing modern machinery, a tractor with a seed drill, combine harvesters. Also, the KX are cars KAMAZ, GAZ, UAZ. The agricultural enterprise employs about 20 villagers - machine operators, combine operators, drivers and agronomists. It is worth noting that the cooperative is actively involved in the daily life of the village and takes its social responsibility by providing sponsorship to fellow villagers.

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