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Pavlodar diary production plant

- Pavlodar Region
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The presence of several components determines the success of any enterprise

A good business idea, coordinated the work of the entrepreneur, as well as support from the state can be attributed to these components.

Due to the presence of all these components Pavlodar milk processing company LLP “Best milk” develops steadily and makes plans for the future.

The dairy plant produced about 10 tons of products per day. These are: milk, cottage cheese, milk products, kurt, several kinds of cheese, butter.

At the beginning of its activity it was difficult for a newly created enterprise to get steady on its feet, the plant was producing only one type of product. At present, the range expanded up to 60 items.

It is worth noting that the regional Chamber of entrepreneurs assisted the business formation of the plant within the business support and development program "Business Road Map-2020".

Milk is purchased from farms in the area. In the issue of supply of raw materials a good support for the milk factory and for farmers was the adoption of the law "On Cooperation" at the end of last year.

Often, large factories are looking for regular suppliers of agricultural products that can provide the necessary amount of supply. And here milk processors have an opportunity to enter into a contract with the cooperative and to receive the necessary raw materials throughout the year.

The produced goods are in demand in the region, there were established supplies to the capital of Kazakhstan. In the future it is planned to increase production capacity and to expand markets.

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