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The program for support of young employees of JSC "PAVLODARENERGO" was presented in Pavlodar 
During the presentation of the program there was signed an agreement on social partnership between the company and the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Pavlodar region, trade unions, universities and colleges of Pavlodar and Ekibastuz.
Creation of the program is occurring due to the installation of new equipment at the plant, which increases the requirements for the qualification of the personnel. Participants of the meeting agreed that the new program will increase the interest of students –future energy sector workers to the studies for the purpose of further employment at the enterprises of the energy holding.
"The development of the national economy does not stand still. Time dictates its requirements to the level of qualification. Therefore, adoption of the program, which covers advanced training mechanisms, will be the beginning for revision of the relevance of education training programs that train specialists for the power industry. Chamber of entrepreneurs will take an active part in the realization and implementation of the program so that the enterprises of power sector get competent and trained personnel ", - said Head of the Department of the Human Capital Development of RCE Bakhytzhan Ilyasova.
 Co-operation with higher and vocational education institutions will be conducted on several fronts: the organization of practice, career guidance, temporary employment for a period of vacation, the improvement of training programs, competitions of projects, the purpose of the scholarship, participation in examination boards, production of printed materials.
Students will receive remuneration in the amount of two minimum wages - 45 718 tenge for each month of practice at the enterprises of "PAVLODARENERGO" and for the work during the summer holidays. Students involved in research activities, will be eligible to receive scholarships of JSC "PAVLODARENERGO": 14 847 tenge for college students and 21,210 tenge for university students.
The participants of the meeting concluded that this program will help raise the prestige of working professions, and will give special status to technical vocational education.

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