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08 February 2016 - Pavlodar Region
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Pavlodar businessmen were told about the rules of participation in public-private partnership and the existing projects

As it turned out, the entrepreneurs did not know all the nuances of participation in PPPs and projects, the number of which is big. They relate to various areas, for example, the construction of kindergartens, apartment buildings, dormitories, health clinics and other social facilities, housing estate projects, sports facilities.

"Today's meeting is held to promote the idea of ​​public-private partnership as a mutually beneficial project for the state and for the business. It is important to know about the business projects, which can be profitable to invest in", - said the Deputy Director of the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs Serik Baiseitov.

However, he stressed that the Chamber of entrepreneurs is also a direct participant in the implementation of PPPs.

"The Chamber is involved in the preparation of an expert opinion to projects, formation of a register of potential private partners, it is part of a commission on determination of the private partner, and it also monitors the progress of the projects", - said Baiseitov.

Experts said that the potential implementers of projects should apply with proposals to the authorized body of the industry, after the approval of which come for aid business professionals of the Regional Technopark.

"The main objective of industrial park is unification of financial and intellectual capacities of state bodies, business and scientific experts for the growth of innovative development of the Pavlodar region. The function of consulting support of PPP projects was imposed on ", - explained the head of the regional Technopark Yevgeny Nikitin.

 During the meeting, the projects were presented by LLP NPK "Light" in the field of energy supply and LLP "ELEKTROTRANSREELTO" for disposal of mercury-containing waste. In general, the meeting served as an impetus for the further implementation of the idea of ​​PPP and was the beginning of the emergence of new joint business projects.


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